A passionate and gifted speaker, Musavuli routinely lectures on conflict minerals, peace and security, use of social media in advocacy, building of international social movements, the role of youth in Africa, corporate social responsibility, African Diaspora civic engagement, and gender-based violence and its connection to resource exploitation and poverty, at colleges, universities, community centers, religious institutions, conferences, and festivals. He is a frequent guest lecturer at Columbia University where he brings his unique personal and professional experience on topics such as politics, war and its effect on education in the Congo and Africa at large.

Mr. Musavuli tours the United States, Canada, and Africa speaking to university students, religious groups, global leaders, community organizers and many others. He educates and mobilizes individuals and communities to work as partners with a Congolese civil society that strives to end the country’s conflict, control its enormous natural wealth, and build lasting peace and stability in the heart of Africa.

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