Break The Silence Tour

Break The Silence Tour

The Break the Silence Speakers Tour is an outgrowth of Congo Week. It serves the purpose of following-up to the week of activities and continuing the momentum of building a global movement in support of the Congo.

The Speakers Tour is a multi-city tour throughout the United States, Canada and select countries throughout the globe. In its second year the Speakers Tour occurs each Spring from February 1 to July 2nd (Birthday of Patrice Lumumba and Commemorative date of Kimpa Vita).

How Your Community Can Participate?
Communities can participate by completing the online speakers form or calling the FOTC office (1-888-584-6510) to arrange for the tour to come your community. We encourage the participation of universities, high schools, community organizations, labor institutions, business groups, individuals and others.

Who are the speakers?
A group of speakers from the Congo will participate in the tour. They represent diverse issue areas and Congolese institutions: women, labor, human rights, youth, religious, economic, natural resources and environment.


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